P001             Celine De Looze

The SPEECHCOG project: Speech markers as an objective evaluation of cognitive impairment and related psychosocial outcomes in populations with Mild Cognitive Impairment and mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease


P002             Fiona Freeman

Tuning alginate bioinks to modulate their printability and stiffness in order to spatially direct MSC fate within bioprinted tissues


P003             Darren McDonnell

3D printing of Titanium orthopaedic devices via selective laser melting (SLM)


P004            Ana Belen Lopez-Rodriguez

Vulnerabilities to inflammatory exacerbation and acute cognitive dysfunction in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease


P005            Nicole Campbell

Utilisation of naturally-derived Heme Oxygenase 1 (HO-1) inducers and products as novel immunosuppressive therapies.


P006            Ana Rubio-Araiz

Inhibiting TLR2 activation attenuates amyloid accumulation and glial activation in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease


P007            Orla Finucane

The NLRP3 inflammasome modulates glycolysis by increasing PFKFB3 in an IL-1b-dependent manner in macrophages


P008            Marie-Victoire Guillot-Sestier

T cell TGF-beta signaling control of the immune response to Alzheimer’s disease


P009            Keenan Lacey

Investigating the role of cell wall-anchored proteins in Staphylococcus aureus skin infection


P010             Brian Flood

A Protective Role for Caspase-11 during murine Colitis Associated Cancer

P011              Lauren Boland

OPTIMAL: A self-management intervention for cancer survivors

P012            Zbigniew Zaslona

Prostaglandin E2 protects against caspase-11 - induced cell death


P013            Nadine Assmann

The Citrate-Malate Shuttle is central to the metabolic phenotype of cytokine activated NK cells

P014             Lydia Dyck

Obesity Limits Cancer Immune Surveillance By Metabolic Reprogramming Of NK cells

P015             Jonathan Bailey

Structural basis of lipoprotein signal peptidase II action and inhibition by the antibiotic globomycin


P016              Allison McIntosh

Iron accumulation in interferon-γ stimulated primary microglia is associated with increased glycolysis.


P017               Michael Carty

SARM negatively regulates the inflammasome to suppress IL-1 secretion but is required for pyroptosis


P018              Arshed Nazmi

Innate lymphoid cells infiltrate into the brain after hypoxia-ischemia in a mouse model of preterm brain injury


P019              Andreea Petrasca

Human CD4 T cells and synovial fibroblasts cooperate to promote inflammation in the RA synovial joint


P020            Glyn Williams

Novel Modulators of Heme Oxygenase-1 expression in the Central Nervous System


P021             Jagdeep Grover

Novel porphyrin-based portmanteau ligands targeting guanine-quadruplexes (GQs) as anticancer agents


P022            William Doherty

Activity-Based Probes for DNA-Damage Repair Enzymes


P023            Oxana Kotova

White-light emitting Eu(III)/Tb(III) self-assembly in solution


P024            Mikhail Filatov

Donor-acceptor dyads for generation and sensing of singlet oxygen in vitro


P025            Chris Hawes

Adaptive Fluorescent Coordination Polymers as Heterogeneous Sensors


P026            Rebecca Mahony

Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) cells switch to Warburg metabolism following photoreceptor outer segment (POS) phagocytosis


P027            Kate Mc Quaid

Pharmacological Modulation of Autophagy Pathway in Mtb Infected Macrophages


P028            Dietmar Weichert

Structural insights into the mechanism of the membrane integral N-acyltransferase step in bacterial lipoprotein synthesis.


P029           James Phelan

The HIF1α activator, LEX, supports innate immunity during mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.


P030           Dearbhaile Dooley

Alkylating Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor treatment in animal models of MPO-ANCA Vasculitis


P031            Eirini Giannoudaki

IL-36 cytokines alter the composition of the intestinal microbiome to protect against obesity driven metabolic inflammation


P032            Nicole Howe

A structure approach to rational design and discovery of antibiotics targeting bacterial cell wall synthesis


P033            Christine White

Comparison of HPV DNA and HPV mRNA testing in a cervical primary screening population.


P034            Denise Triglia

Glycolysis inhibition enhances migration of BCG-infected human primary myeloid dendritic cells.


P035            Carmen Coll

Stimuli–responsive nanoparticles for the delivery of drugs from injectable gels for the local treatment of glioblastoma multiforme


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