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Dr. M. Daniela Angione 

Research Fellow

School of Chemistry


Research Interests: 

Daniela is a Research Fellow at the AMBER centre in Trinity College Dublin. Since 2008 she has worked in cutting-edge research group in the field of organic bio-electronics, adaptive materials and sensors. She obtained her PhD degree in 2011 in Chemistry of Materials from the University of Bari "Aldo Moro" (Italy). She then spent two years at the University of Manchester (UK) (2011-2013) as Marie Curie Experienced Researcher and then moved to Trinity College Dublin, where she was the recipient of the Technology Development Innovation Award (TIDA). She has recently been working very closely with Enterprise Ireland, in order to commercialise a Point-of-Care device for rapid pathogens detection.

She has expertise in polymer processing, modification and in interfacing those multi-funtional bio-materials into electronic platforms to study their stimuli-responsive and sensing capabilities.

She is currently carrying out research on translational polymer-based biomaterials relevant for diagnostic and therapeutic applications with a specific research interest on:

  • utilizing advanced processing techniques (3D Bioprinting) to fabricate scaffolds with the desired micro- and macroscopic structures both spatially and temporally;

  • investigating the interaction of cells with these materials while developing materials-based techniques to control cell signalling and interaction with Extracellular Matrix (ECM);

  • developing stimuli-responsive materials, where external electronic triggers can be used to modify material properties.



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