School of Medicine


Prof. Margaret Dunne

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Surgery

School of Medicine


Research Interests: 

Margaret Dunne is a Research Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator, leading the Immunopathology Research Group based at the Department of Surgery, Trinity College. Her research interests involve examining immune cell changes in human health and disease, and investigating novel ways in which immune markers can be used to predict patient clinical outcomes such as survival and treatment response in cancer. Margaret has previously published work on the novel contributions of unconventional T cells in coeliac disease and gastrointestinal cancers. Her current work involves evaluating the prognostic potential of several immune markers in oesophageal cancer, an aggressive malignancy with high mortality. By learning more about the changes in immune cell numbers and functions in cancer, we can use immune markers to better predict disease outcomes, while also learning more about how we can better target the immune system therapeutically.




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